Spring has already sprung and temperatures are starting to creep up a bit. We are having more and more days where we can crack the windows open, let the fresh air in, and not be freezing cold. With spring comes spring cleaning. It’s time to tackle some of those tasks that have been on hold for several months. Here are the five most important home maintenance tasks to tackle this spring.5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

#1. Gutters

It’s important to get blockage and weight out of your gutters this time of the year. April is on its way and as they say, April showers bring May flowers, but it also brings a lot of debris, leaves, and pine needles washing down our gutters as well. It’s important to clear out the gutters and be ready for whatever April brings. You can hire someone to do it but there’s really no easy way to clean gutters other than simply climbing on the latter and pulling out the gunk.

#2. Washing the house

Yep, I said washing the house and I’m talking about pressure washing. Get out the power washer and tackle the outside paint of your house. Many homes actually get a shade darker over the winter so by pressure washing the siding, you have a bright and clean new house. Once that’s done, tackle the walkways and driveways.

#3. The lawn.

Unless you have someone taking care of the lawn all throughout the winter, lawns get pretty neglected. It’s time to bring that lawn back into all its green glory. Give the grass a good cut and pick up some fertilizer and other lawn care products. A simple weed and feed will get rid of any noxious weeds and bring a deep green to the grass. Add flowers, potted plants, and remove anything dead or dying.

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#4. Touch up paint.

Once you’ve pressure washed the house take a good look at the exterior. Does anything need to be touched up? Perhaps a new coat of paint on the front door or the trim will really outline the house well. Consider patching up faded areas or repainting fences.

#5. The windows.

While it might be difficult to reach the second level exterior windows, home improvement stores offer attachments to your hose that can literally spray soap right on the window and wipe it away clean. Extensions on squeegees and other window washing tools may also help. Windows can get a dingy, dusty film on them over the winter and you might be surprised at how much it really blocks the light. Clean windows will be sparkling and let a lot of natural sunlight in.

If you’re not up to doing any of these projects yourself there are great companies around Calabasas and Hidden Hills that offer all of these services. For more information give us a call or if you’re looking to buy a new home or sell the old call our offices today.