Before you take on a full home renovation, know that it’s important to account for personal vs. general taste. Still, should you decide to sell, remodeling may have a huge return on investment. Here are estimated national payback for home remodels via

Major Kitchen Remodel Payback: 54%
By remodeling an outdated 200 square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of custom cabinets and built in shelves and organized features, you can see up to 54% payback. This includes modern features like a commercial-grade cooktop and built in appliances with task lighting to highlight kitchen features.

Bathroom Remodel Payback: 56%
Expanding a 35 square foot bathroom to 100 square feet can result in a 56% payback. By using the existing house footprint, you can not only keep low, you will still have room to add soaker tub and custom wall and base cabinetry for a luxurious look.

Grand Entrance Payback: 67%
By replacing your traditional 3x8 foot door to a new fiberglass door with sidelights, you can expect up to 65% return. Curb appeal can really set your home apart from other listed homes.

Garage Door Replacement Payback: 70%

If you replace an existing 16x7 foot garage door with an insulated steel and glass 3-4 section garage door, you can see up to 70% payback.

Window Replacement Payback: 73%
Replacing your existing windows with insulated vinyl windows will not only increase exterior curb appearance, it may also have a 73% payback.

Before you decide to embark on any major remodels, it is important to contact your trusted Real Estate Agent.
Chances are, your home may only need minor cosmetic changes and a qualified Realtor who knows what buyers want, will help you decide.
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