Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just looking for some great ideas, 2018 has some unique design looks that are trending right now. You’ll find these in a lot of new homes and recently remodeled homes. Whether you take one idea or all of them, here’s what’s trending in kitchen makeovers.

#1. Concrete counters.

This is probably due to Chip and Joanna Gaines along with our love for shiplap, but concrete counters are making a big impact even on smaller kitchens. This design has been very popular for farmhouse style kitchens and it offers a rustic yet industrial feel this trendy and uncluttered. It’s a durable however you can stain or crack. They may not be as a low maintenance as quartz, but they certainly make a statement.

#2. Invisible event hoods.

This of a minimalistic approach to an overhead vent is finally seeing an upgrade. It’s been the focal point of many kitchens for years but now, many of these new designs are hiding the vent hood behind cabinets, exhausting through the back wall instead of up to the ceiling.

#3. Antibacterial surfaces.

This is kind of the opposite of the cutting board countertop designs of the last few years. Many solid surface countertops are getting the ability to eliminate any chemicals they come in contact with it and purify the surrounding air. This is a great option for those that like to cook a lot and was the biggest hit at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings last September. This new technology is created with a process called of photocatalysis, which uses a semiconductor in the surface to enhance a reaction to light, which in turn kills bacteria and breaks up pollutants.

#4. Wood cabinets.

Yes, they’re looking to make a comeback. The return of wood cabinets has exploded in a lot of new kitchens but instead of the heavy doors of the 1990s, these cabinets are very modern, minimalistic, and a little bit rustic, offering an organic and authentic look.

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#5. Black fixtures.

We are stepping out of the stainless steel and granite countertop forest and moving into more gold tones and black finishes. Black is always classic and it works with just about every style and color palette.

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#6. Smart kitchens.

We can now tell Alexa just about anything and she’ll add it to a list, play our favorite tunes, or answer complex questions, but technology has definitely entered the kitchen in full force. From faucets to the fridge to the lighting, a smart kitchen is a unique a design trend that many buyers and homeowners are going for these days.

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#7. Effective and practical storage.

It’s not just about look, it’s about functionality and practicality. Maximizing space, not wasting a corner cabinet, and allowing each a drawer or cabinet to slide out for easy access. Popular kitchens are finding great ways to efficiently organize the space.

Are you planning on or remodel or just looking for the latest and design trends? Many new homes around Calabasas boast many if not all of these new designs. Call me today if you’re looking to find a home with a unique and updated kitchen or if you have certain parameters that you’d like to keep your home search two. I’d love to help you find the perfect home in Calabasas and Hidden Hills.