Start with Staging

Impressing luxury buyers is going to take more than just a gorgeous or large property. It needs to be prepped and staged so that buyers can see themselves living their ideal life there.How to Really Impress Luxury Home Buyers

Ideally, a luxury home should be clean, accessible, and look like it is move-in ready. This can be done by repairing, finishing, and cleaning every inch of the home. So if you have some spring cleaning tasks, small spruce ups, undone cosmetic repairs, carpet that could use a refresh, or paint colors that could be updated the time to do so is BEFORE you list your home for sale.

Luxury buyers are different than the everyday home buyer. Luxury buyers are purchasing high-end products and as such they expect the product to be in top shape. They want to see a home that needs no work or time put into it. A home that is not seemingly perfect may get passed on for the next luxury home in the neighborhood that needs no work.

Add Some Extra Improvements

Today’s luxury buyers are not just looking for high-end homes, they are looking for unique homes with special amenities that make life easier. Be up to date with the latest in luxury home trends. Mix some extra improvements in with the classic and high end features of your home.

–  If you don’t already have smart technology in your home, add it. Install a smart security system, light fixtures, door locks and doorbells, or a high tech sound system through the home.

  • Warm up the master bath. The ROI on luxury bath improvements is very promising. Add some extra touches like a heated floor, towel rack, or “point of use” water heater to ensure a hot shower every time.
  • Think of outdoor spaces. Maximize outdoor living and entertaining potential, create the feeling of luxurious and beautiful outdoor spaces to add appeal to any home. Consider putting in an outdoor living room or kitchen on the patio or back deck.
  • Re-vamp your garage. The latest demand in luxury homes is show stopping garages. Buyers are looking for more than just a room to protect their car from the elements, they want a room to showcase their vehicles. Start your garage update with some impressive top of the line storage, re-finish the floors, and finish the walls if they are nothing more than sheetrock and nails.


In the age of technology a large majority of home searches begin online. More than likely, the first time buyers see your home it will be through pictures online. This means you want to take the best pictures possible that have buyers wanting to make in person showing appointments.

Hire a professional photographer to do the job or make sure your realtor uses a professional to take listing photos. This is such a crucial decision, unless you have taken real estate photography classes it is not a good idea to take the photos yourself. Only a professional with real estate experience is going to cast your home in the best light with the perfect angle. The professional real estate photographer will also know what parts of the home a buyer is going to want to see in a listing. Showing too little or too much of the home through photos will cause a luxury buyer to scroll on to the next listing.

We can help you get your luxury Calabasas home ready to impress future buyers. We have years of experience in helping buyers and sellers buy and sell luxury homes.