Today’s luxury homes offer more to buyers than ever before. Luxury home buyers are searching for a lifestyle, not just four walls and high style. Amenities that may have been considered extravagant or extra are now considered the standard and now luxury home builders and sellers are expected to rise to the standard to appeal to today’s buyers.

According to luxury home sale trends, luxury buyers are looking for unique and special features that set a home apart. Read the list below to discover what is in high demand for high-end homes.

What Do High-End Buyers Want in a Home?


  1. Smart Technology

What could be more luxurious than having simple tasks done for you? Technology is like having an extra set of hands, it makes life easier. You can get a smart system for almost anything in your home now, from lighting, security, thermostats, kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, and more. With just a voice command you can turn on the lights, lock the doors, add items to a grocery list, turn on lawn sprinklers, play some music, or make an appointment.

The latest in home technology offers an earth-friendly twist with solar energy systems, electric car charging stations, and water conservation systems.


  1. Private Theater

Luxury buyers are looking for more than a room seemingly designated to put the family entertainment center in. Properties with private theater rooms are being sought after. Rooms with large screens and big comfy furniture, where you feel like you are at the movies but on your own terms.

The most impressive of home theaters offers stadium-style seating, personal recliners or custom couches, mood lighting, and the latest high-end picture and sound quality.


  1. Wine Rooms

A popular feature from the past that has come back around. The modern twist for wine rooms is not to have them hidden away in the basement or tucked into a corner of the home, but to have wine rooms front and center as a focal point or showcase to be utilized during entertaining. Today’s wine rooms have racks that artfully display wine collections, custom lighting, glass displays, motorized racks, and whole rooms set aside to enjoy tasting and collecting.


  1. Rooms Dedicated to Health and Fitness

Just like any other home buyer, high-end buyers are looking for homes with amenities that fit their daily routines and lifestyle needs. Having a fully equipped gym where a trainer can come to you saves you time and time is much more valuable than money in this busy age. Luxury homes with state of the art work out centers, spas, saunas, etc. are in high demand.


  1. Museum Level Garages

Today’s high-end garage is not just a dark space to park your car and use as overflow storage. Many luxury buyers are looking for garages that are almost an extension of the home, a place to display car collections like art or allow the avid entertainer to provide secure parking for guests.


  1. Art Level Views

A feature that will always be at the top of a luxury buyer’s list is a view that looks like a painting right outside the windows of main entertaining spaces. There is just something about a breath taking view that makes you never want to leave a space.


  1. Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

To go with those amazing views a luxury buyer is going to want an entertaining space that opens up and flows right into an outdoor “room.” Large walls of sliding glass doors that allow you to open up the wall into well decorated outdoor spaces like outdoor kitchens, cabanas, and dining areas allow for entertaining and enjoying the home to its full potential.


  1. Vacation Style Pools

Pools are not an uncommon feature of high-end homes, today’s luxury home buyer is looking for a pool area that brings a feeling of awe when you first see it. The sort of pool you would see at a five star resort on a tropical vacation. Something unique and dramatic and unforgettable.


  1. Plenty of Yard

Privacy is another feature that will never go out of style to luxury home buyers. A large lot with mature landscaping and useable land helps to give space and privacy. A gated long driveway entrance is also a bonus.


  1. Specialized Sport Courts

More and more luxury homes are offering special areas for sports play. It is not uncommon to find basketball courts, tennis courts, putting greens, racquet ball courts, and even mini baseball diamonds. These areas allow sports enthusiasts to sharpen their skills and entertainers to invite friends over for a game.

Today’s high-end home buyer is looking for a home that is appealing to lifestyle and convenience while still offering high style and top tier appliances and materials. Buyers want a home that makes life seemingly easier while being set apart from anything else out there.

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