Los Angeles has been experiencing more rain than usual this year. From January 2019 alone, 10.21 inches of rain were recorded. While Calabasas | Hidden Hills Homes are typically ready for the rain, there may be some other things in your home that you have not yet considered when preparing your home for California’s rainiest season:

1. Prep Your Garage

Clean out those things that you have been neglecting to throw out from your garage. You know, that pile that’s been building up each time you avoid calling the donation company or waste management. The best way to protect some of your items is to simply store them during a rainstorm. Make sure that you have room in your garage.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Though it may seem obvious, cleaning your gutters can prevent build up caused by the water and debris. To avoid that trouble, take on the weekend job or call a trusted handyman to help you with the task. Doing so can save you a lot of trouble.

3. Trim Your Trees

Routinely trimming your trees can not only prevent trouble, it can also save you from long term costs. If you wait for the rainfall, soil will likely loosen and with stormy winds, you can face a collapse onto your home. The last thing you want is damage on your roof due to a preventable trim.

If you need a trusted handyman or gardener referral, do not hesitate to reach out to your Trusted Calabasas | Hidden Hills Realtor®  David Watkins at 818.970.2946