When selling a home you know that price is going to be a huge factor. It’s probably at least 50% or more of the determining factor of how fast the house will sell. But it’s not the only selling factor. The price could be right but there are so many other issues that regardless of the price, only someone looking for a great deal with a lot of work would choose the home. Now, this is necessarily the case but surprisingly enough, the price can be a factor but when you priced it correctly and it still not selling, what can a homeowner do?

There are different things that can affect a home sale and how quickly a home can sell. Here are some of the top four ways a home can sell quickly.

#1. Marketing.

If you’ve tried to sell yourself and you’ve listed in the newspaper or put a For Sale by Owner sign in the front yard and you’re not getting any bites or leads it could be your marketing strategy. A qualified and experienced real estate agent that has not only listed a lot of properties but has also sold them, can really be the marketing edge that your home might need. Advertising, Internet marketing, in print, in person and social media all play a factor in how to present and market your property. If the home is only on the MLS, the only those agents were people looking in the MLS will ever find it. By marketing to all avenues is essentially throwing out a whole bunch of rocks into the pond allowing for ripples to reach to the edge and the far reaches of your buyer’s pool. By limiting the marketing pool, you’re limiting how fast the home will sell and how many people will really see it.

#2. Pictures.

Pictures really are worth 1000 words and more if done correctly. If your agent is not taking professional pictures, finding the right time of day to take the pictures and if they don’t accurately describe the home, you’re going to lose a lot of people either in print or online right away. You want to make sure that your home is staged and prepped for photos as well. You don’t want toilet seats up, garbage cans in the way, stuff on tables and counters or any clutter in the room. Professional photos, clear, crisp color and a clean, staged home can all work wonders with the photos and first impressions.

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Price Isn't the Only Selling Factor - 4 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster#3. Negotiations.

Negotiations are a big factor in whether your home will sell. If you’re unreasonable, not willing to work with lowball offers, uncommunicative to your real estate agent and buyers, you might get a lot of people simply shying away from the home. If your agent is a tough person to work with or you seem unreasonable, word will get around pretty quickly to buyers agents. In small towns like Hidden Hills and Calabasas, most real estate agents know each other so having a reasonable agent and an unemotional, reasonable homeowner or seller can really make the negotiations a lot more friendly. Buyers want to know that they have some negotiating power and while it’s okay not to take the first offer, it’s also a good idea to negotiate. Remember, you were once a buyer and you tried to get the best price as well. The buyer is simply trying to get the best price and the best terms. An excellent real estate agent can negotiate these so that it’s a win-win for everyone and there are compromises on both sides.

Negotiations can also happen in showing the property. If you’re unwilling to leave the property during a showing, only want showings during a very narrow window of time or are unable to show the property when the buyer needs to, this could turn a lot of buyers and their agents away. Buyers cannot view and make an offer on a home they can’t see.

#4. Taking shortcuts.Price Isn't the Only Selling Factor - 4 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

If you simply put a Band-Aid on a repair issue that really should be fixed permanently, buyers will notice. If it’s something very visible, the wonder what else you’ve tried to hide or cover up in the home that they can’t see. Any little issues that may be really obvious such as a broken door jamb or frame, leaky faucets, broken locks, broken seals on windows, a shoddy paint job or squeaky floors can all add to the negativity that a home can per tray. By fixing the things that really need to be fixed, permanently securing items in the home and correcting items that will be blatantly obvious to buyers is a really good way to ensure that your home will sell quickly.

Don’t sabotage your own home sale. Make sure that not only the price is correct, which is what a qualified, seasoned and skilled listing agent will provide, but that you take these four items into consideration when advertising, listing and preparing your home for sale. For more information contact my office anytime!