Calabasas Real Estate Market Update: A Statistical Analysis of 2023 and 2024

Calabasas Real Estate Market Update: A Statistical Analysis of 2023 and 2024

As a real estate expert in Calabasas, California, it’s essential to understand the nuances and trends that shape our local market. Here, we’ll dive into a detailed statistical comparison of the real estate and rental markets between 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

Property Sales and Listings

In the first quarter of 2023, Calabasas saw a total of 45 homes listed for sale. However, the market conditions were challenging, and only 30 of these homes were sold. The sales conversion rate hovered around 67%, indicating a significant gap between listings and closed deals, reflective of a buyer’s market where supply exceeded demand.

Fast forward to the first quarter of 2024, the scenario has markedly improved. A total of 60 homes were listed, with 48 sales successfully closing. This represents an 80% sales conversion rate, a substantial improvement that points to a more balanced market where both buyers and sellers find common ground more frequently.

Rental Market Dynamics

In 2023, the rental market in Calabasas was characterized by high demand. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment was approximately $3,200, with an occupancy rate of 98%. This high demand pushed up rental prices and reduced vacancies, as more individuals opted to rent amid fluctuating purchase conditions.

In contrast, the year 2024 shows a stabilization in the rental market. The average rent for similar units has slightly decreased to $3,100, with an occupancy rate dipping to 95%. While still strong, the market is less tight compared to the previous year, aligning with the increased interest in home buying due to more favorable economic conditions.

Interest Rates and Economic Outlook

The stabilization of interest rates has been a crucial factor in 2024’s real estate recovery. After the volatility of 2023, where interest rates deterred some potential buyers, the stabilization at around 6.5% in 2024 has renewed confidence in the housing market. My analysis suggests that these rates are likely to remain stable through the remainder of the year. Despite it being an election year, which often leads to conservative fiscal maneuvers, the ongoing concerns about inflation make significant rate changes unlikely.

Implications for Real Estate Professionals and Clients

For real estate professionals, the current market conditions suggest a shift towards more engaged and committed buyers and sellers. The requirement for formal agreements in buyer representation, starting July 2024, will likely increase professionalism and ensure clearer expectations and responsibilities in buyer-agent relationships.

For clients, whether buying, selling, or renting, the data emphasizes the importance of understanding market trends and economic indicators. Buyers can capitalize on the balanced market conditions, while sellers can leverage the increased demand to secure favorable deals. Renters, while facing a slightly softer market, will still find Calabasas an attractive and competitive landscape.


The Calabasas real estate market in 2024 showcases a robust recovery from the previous year’s downturn. With a stronger sales market and a stabilizing rental environment, the outlook for real estate activities in Calabasas is optimistic. Buyers, sellers, and renters should stay informed and proactive, utilizing the current stability to make strategic decisions in their real estate endeavors.